Loro Piana Baby Sable Fur Lined Baby Cashmere Coat


Grey baby cashmere understated 3/4 lenght single breasted coat lined with real sable fur by Loro Piana Storm System®. The exclusive treatment gives natural fibres a waterproof and wind resistant finish which allows for breathability, without compromising the fabrics natural characteristics. Storm System® consists of a double barrier to protect against the elements. – original cost of the coat was in the region of £40,000.  The picture shows the coat turned inside out to show sable lining. The most sought-after sable furs in the world come from the Barguzin region of Siberia. Baby cashmere is cashmere obtained from baby goats, this is fabric that comes from the first combing of a cashmere goat. Baby cashmere has one end of the fiber tapered which makes the yarn finer and the wool softer.
Size  XLarge  UK46 EU56
Armpit to armpit chest 60cm
Collar to hem 93cm
Oustside sleeve 72cm
Inside sleeve 50cm

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